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Suspension repair is easy with Denver Auto Repair Mechanics. Let one of our skilled technicians handle your suspension repair needs. We can help with the variety of things within your system such as springs, shocks, struts, and more. Reach out today and schedule an appointment for your diagnosis and repair.

Starting at $89.00 / hr.

Suspension Repair Service Details

Suspension repair is particularly important in Denver, Colorado because our residents frequent the mountains. Often traversing up and down hills, both on and off road. With the stress put on the suspension system by active drivers, it’s no wonder suspension is one of our most common requests.

Reach out to Denver Auto Repair Mechanics today and schedule the suspension repair you need for your car or truck. We can even help you upgrade your vehicle.

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Shocks for suspension repair in Denver Colorado


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Control Arm

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Tie Rods

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suspension repair
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How do you know if your vehicle needs suspension system repair?

If your vehicle goes bumpity bump bump as you drive, then you likely need to have your suspension and/or your tires looked at. Irregular and pronounced effects of minor street features being more noticeable are ways to know you need your suspension repaired.

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to help with the suspension repair you need for your car or truck in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

More Than Suspension Repair Services

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics offers more than just suspension repair services for cars and trucks. Our technicians are standing by to help with a myriad of automotive repair requests.

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Steering Repair

Changing the fluids in the system of your vehicle is periodic maintenance that many forget.

springs and shocks repair denver

Brake Repair

We can handle the simple tire rotation for your vehicle.

Suspension Repair Services for cars and trucks in Denver Colorado

Exhaust Repair

Tuning up your vehicle is one of the best ways to ensure it both runs well, and lives long.

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Air Conditioning

We can help with your air conditioning repair needs.

Happy Suspension Service Customers

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“The car drives much better, thank you.”

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“Broke a shock when camping and they were able to custom order it and get it replaced within a few days.”

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