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Automotive heater repair is a common request, particularly when there is cold weather. Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to offer the heat system repair for your car, truck, or vehicle. Our automotive heat repair service is top of the line. Our mechanics can help with the entire heater system including heater core, thermostat, hoses, and more.

Starting at $89.00 / hr.

Heater Repair Service Details

Vehicle heat systems are a favorite comfort item in a car or truck. They also play an important safety role when it comes to defrosting the windshield. If your defrost doesn’t work, driving on cold winter days can prove a dangerous endeavor even for the most experienced drivers.

Let us fix the heater in your car or truck so you can drive comfortably, and more importantly, safely about your way. Even in the coldest of weather.

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Thermostat replacement is the most common heat repair

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Heater cores are something we can fix or replace

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Did a heater hose dry rot? That's an easy fix.

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Blower motors wear out, we can replace them

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Blocked vents can restrict airways for heat or defrost

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HVAC control panel malfunctioning? No problem

vehicle heat repair
automotive heat system repair services

How do you know if your vehicle needs heat system repair?

If the heat doesn’t turn on, that’s a good push that the system needs to be serviced. If temperature seems difficult to control in the vehicle and your unsure what’s going on? We can help.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which part of your system is malfunctioning, that’s why our certified expert mechanics are here with the best diagnostic tools and plenty of experience to guide you. We’ll determine if its your heater core, thermostat, blower motor, or a number of other things.

More Than Just Auto Heater System Repair

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics sure can fix your heat, but we’re also pretty cool because we fix the air conditioner too.

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Oil Changes

Want to take care of your car? Oil changes are the start.

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Brake Repair

Does it drive? Great. Does it stop? Even better.

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Tune Ups

Plugs, wires, coils, filters, timing, you name it, we’ll optimize it.

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General Inspection

Collect cool cars but don’t drive them much? We’ll inspect them.

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“Fixed within a few hours. I’m impressed.”

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“The heat hasn’t worked this well in years.”

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