Hybrid Repair

Repair, maintenance, and service, for hybrid vehicles from a variety of automobile manufacturers.

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Hybrid repair services can be done in a jiffy when you call Denver Auto Repair Mechanics.

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Our hybrid mechanics are standing by to help with your vehicle.

Repair & Maintenance Services

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Hybrid Mechanics for Car & SUV Hybrids

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics has the professional hybrid mechanics for your car or truck whether it’s foreign or domestic.

Hybrid Repair Services

We offer a variety of hybrid mechanical repair and maintenance services for your vehicle.

Oil Change

Changing the oil of your vehicle for it’s longevity.

Tune Ups

Running diagnostics and tuning up the hybrid vehicle for peak performance.


Replacing worn belts.


Our Pricing

Oil Change

Oil changes are important for any vehicle.

Drain / Filter / Oil / Disposal / Test / Fluid Check


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Tire Services

Servicing the tires of the vehicle is always important.

Pressure / Balance / Rotate / Patch / Fill / Replace


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Engine Services

Without servicing the engine appropriately, you won’t be driving for long.


Pumps / Belts / Hoses / Fluids / Wiring / AC

$99 /hr.

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