Exhaust Repair

Exhaust repair services from Denver Auto Repair Mechanics will get your vehicle back to quiet efficiency. Unless of course you’re looking to upgrade performance and don’t mind a little extra noise. Either way, our mechanics can help with your exhaust repair or upgrade requests.

Starting at $89.00 / hr.

Exhause Repair Service Details

Exhaust repair is common as a vehicle ages. Replacing the catalytic converter, muffler, and pipes, are the most common repairs. 

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to help with your exhaust system repair needs.

exhaust manifold repair service

Exhaust Manifolds

header repair for exhaust systems


catalytic converter repair denver

Catalytic Converter

muffler repair or replacement service


turbocharger service denver


tail pipe exhaust repair

Tail Pipe

How do you know if your vehicle needs exhaust repair?

Noise and smoke are the most common symptoms of a failing exhaust system. Another symptom is decreased fuel efficiency. We can help make sure your exhaust system is maintained properly.

Call or fill out a form today, Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to help with your exhaust system repair needs.

More Than Just Exhaust Services

Exhaust repair is just the start of our services. Denver Auto Repair Mechanics offers a variety of high quality automobile services for maintenance and repair.

Oil Change

Oil changes are the most common type of maintenance performed on any vehicle.


Suspension related services are common in Denver and throughout Colorado due to our unique terrain.


Steering is a frequent request in aging vehicles and we’re here to help.

Radiator Repair

Let us offer to inspect your vehicle and ensure you buy smart and plan right.

Happy Exhaust Repair Customers

“My big old Chevy suburban was a beast, but it failed emissions. The guys replaced a couple things and not only did it pass emissions, it ran better too”

“Our fleet was aging and we needed a mechanic to help keep up with maintenance. Denver Auto Repair Mechanics did a great job.”

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