Power Steering Repair

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to fix the power steering system in your car or truck. Our steering system repair services will address your concerns and fix the problem for you.

Starting at $89.00 / hr.

Denver Steering Repair Service Details

Steering function is essential. Power steering is a luxury. Both play important roles in the daily use and safety of your vehicle. We can repair and maintain your power steering and movement control system components. Reach out today for power steering repair services.

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to help make sure the power stays in your steering.

Steering Column

Tie Rods

Rack and Pinion

Steering Pump



power steering repair for automobiles
steering repair for large and small cars and trucks

How do you know if your vehicle needs power steering repair?

Is the wheel no longer turning smoothly? Does the car make funny sounds around turns? If so, then it’s time to take a look at your movement control assistance system. Your power steering has become more than just a luxury with new vehicles. We can make sure your steering system works the way it should.

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics will diagnose and repair your power steering system correctly the first time.

More Than Just Power Steering Repair

Denver Auto Repair Mechanics is here to help with more than just power steering system repair. Vehicle maintenance is the way to keep your car or truck running right. Once we fix the steering, let us take a look under the hood.

Oil Changes

Long lasting vehicles have something in common, oil changes.


Bumpity bump bump, is not how your car should go.

Tune Ups

Keep cylinders firing optimally. Tune up your vehicle.

Exhaust Services

Suck, bang, boom, is how the motor works. Boom goes to the exhaust that we can repair for you.

Happy Customers

“My Jeep no longer requires me to turn the wheel so much. It makes less noise too.”

“It’s so much easier to turn the car now that the pump has been replaced. Thanks guys”

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