Brake Repair




Brake Service

Brake Repair and Services for Domestic and Import vehicles.

We offer brake services for domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models. Our trained staff will see to it that you’re stopping when you choose.


Hydraulic Brake Service

Hydraulic Brake Repair


Hydraulic brakes are a bit more complicated than a standard brake system. Customers have nothing to fear, our trained staff will see to it that your vehicles most important safety system works seamlessly.


Drum Brake Repair

Drum Brake Repair or Replacement Service

Drum brakes are a completely different beast despite being based on the same principal of friction. We can handle fixing your drum brake system, from the drum, shoes, pads, springs, and more. Our trained and certified mechanics will be sure to have your brakes repaired in no time.

Complete Brake Repair Service

Complete brake services for disc, drum, or hydraulic brake systems.

caliper repair. brake line replacement. fluid flush. brake bleeding. general brake systems maintenance.


Disc Brake Repair

Disc Brake Repair and Replacement

Disc Brake system repair, service and replacement. We can handle replacing your caliper, piston, hub, rotor, pads and more. Whatever ails your disc brakes, we can fix it.


Brake System

Basic Braking System


Diagram for a standard brake system reflecting the different parts, components, lines, etc.

brake-diagramBrake Repair and Brake Service for the Denver Colorado Metro Area. Comprehensive service that will get the job done right the first time.

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