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A brief statement.

Our Website and Marketing
Statement to Google and other Search Engines

To Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines including Yelp. As well as any marketing or advertising companies and other interested parties.

We have had an issue with unethical competitors spamming our website and other internet properties. Their attempts range from link spam to bad reviews, code injection and more. We randomly receive links from bad neighborhoods and adult arenas. Same with overseas websites and foreign domain extensions.


We publicly disavow any and all links from bad neighborhoods, adult arenas and foreign language domains. We do not and will not ever use sites or tactics like this to promote our website.

If it looks like spam, it’s quite unlikely to be the work of anyone associated with our company.

We encourage anyone from the technical departments of these search engines to contact us with questions regarding this and we’ll help however we can to get these issues cleared up.

What we do.

The practices we use are simple. Publishing useful and relevant information about our company and our services to internet directories and websites that fit as a forum to display our expertise or our services for the benefit of consumers everywhere.

Thank you for stopping by this page and we wish you the best in your endeavor, whatever it may be.

Team, Management, Marketing & Ownership,

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